Leonardo Cella

Postdoctoral Researcher @ IIT
CSML department,
Via Enrico Melen 83, 16152 Genoa, Italy

Email: leonardo.cella@iit.it

About me

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher @ Italian Institute of Technology where I have the great privilege to work with Massimiliano Pontil. Since November 2021 I joined the ERG-IIT jointlab investigating the benefit of machine-learning in the renewable evergies domain.
Before the postdoc I have been lucky to spend 3 great (and hard) years as a PhD Student @ University of Milan advised by Nicoló Cesa-Bianchi.

Together with Massimiliano Pontil we are investigating the multi-task and meta-learning settings with linear stochastic bandits. Recently, we had the pleasure to have Karim Lounici joining this research. We are now investigating the benefit of transfer-learning under a shared representation.

During summer 2018 I was selected for a four months internship at Amazon Berlin where I had the opportunity to work as Applied Scientist in the Music ML Team mentored by Giovanni Zappella.

Research Interests

I am interested in the theoretical aspects of machine learning solutions. So far, the area I investigated the more is multi-armed bandits. Along this direction, during my postdoc I have mainly investigated their combination with meta-learning approaches. I am very interested in the applications of machine-learning solutions and their usage in real-world scenarios.

Selected Publications


Other Interests

I am strongly interested in the alleviation of human trafficking and I recently join cooperativa cielo to cooperate against that. I am also sensible to themes regarding barriers to education and learning in children. In Genoa I am a member of Sant'Egidio community, where I take care of these principles.